[O] Oh gentle rain! I request thee to bless my children #AtoZChallenge

Oh rain, how gently you drop from the sky,
like a loving gift from the clouds,
to their friend, the earth.

Oh rain, how soothed the weary and tired earth must be,
whose soul has been blessed by you,
made to feel moist , made to feel the stirrings of life.

Oh rain, bless the soul of my children too,
that it should remain innocent and full of hope,
that it’s light should guide them when surrounded by the dark.

Oh rain, bless their soul to be childlike always,
like it is today, guileless and pure,
like it is today, brimming with joy and wonder.

Oh rain, look how they are welcoming you,
dancing and singing with happiness ,
as they would welcome a dear friend.

Oh rain, I request you to bless these friends of yours,
that they find the path that is meant for them,
and that they have the strength to continue to walk on it.

Oh gentle rain , I request thee to bless my children.

© April 2018Sapna Dhyani


[N] Hey Woman, won’t it be Nice if you….#AtoZChallenge

Hey Woman…..won’t it be nice if you :

Do not strive to be a superwoman; Are you looking for praise when you do that?
Do not take over the entire responsibility of bringing up your children; Are you looking for leverage when you do that?
Do not make other women’s lives difficult; Are you trying to make yourself feel better?
Do not underplay your personality; Are you doing that to make others feel less threatened?

Hey Woman……won’t it be so much nicer if you :

Delegate the work that you have to do; it would be so much better for your well being.
Involve the father of your children in the day to day nitty gritties of child-rearing; instead of leverage you will be rewarded with love.
Help other women in whatever way you can; it would make the world a much better place to live in.
Let yourself be relaxed enough to behave naturally, letting your personality shine through; you will find the right kind of people enter your life.

And most importantly, won’t it be so much better if we treat others as persons & human beings first and than as women & men?

©April 2018 Sapna Dhyani

A review of my book by Goodreads’ #1 Book Reviewer, Archit Ojha


A review of my book by Goodreads’ #1 Book Reviewer, Archit Ojha, a young super achiever. Thank you Archit, for this heartening and honest review.

Read the full review here :

A review of my book by Goodreads’ #1 Book Reviewer, Archit Ojha

A review of my book by Goodreads’ #1 Book Reviewer, Archit Ojha, a young super achiever. Thank you Archit, for this heartening and honest review.#atrunkfullofsunshine

Read the full review here : https://thisandthatbooks.wordpress.com/2018/04/13/a-trunk-full-of-sunshine-by-sapna-dhyani-devrani/

[M] मिटटी, मेरे हर घर की #AtoZChallenge

मेरे इस नये घर की बगिया
धीरे-धीरे अपने अन्दर समेट रही है
मेरे हर पीछे छूटे हुए घर की खुशियों और यादों को
हर बार जब गमलों की मिट्टी खंगाली जाती है
तो कुछ मिली जुली मिट्टी हर गमले के हिस्से में आती है

कुछ मिट्टी मेरे प्रिय देहरादून की
कुछ शांत स्वर पहाड़ों के
कुछ सुरीले गीत वादियों के
कुछ उन्मुक्त हँसी मेरे बच्चों के बचपन की
कुछ अवसाद युक्त व्यथा उस समय के एकाकीपन की

कुछ मिट्टी रंगीले जयपुर की
कुछ गुलाब के फूल सी रूमानियत गुलाबी शहर की
कुछ सिहरन पैदा करता रोमांच रेगिस्तान का
कुछ खिलखिलाहटें मेरे बच्चों और उनके सखाओं की
कुछ गौरव प्रेम और निष्ठा से संवरे हुए खूबसूरत घर का

मेरे इस नये घर की बगिया की ये मिली जुली मिट्टी
धीरे-धीरे बिखेर रही है
मेरे घर में बहने वाली बयार में
मेरे हर पीछे छूठे हुए घर की
मिली जुली खुशी, मिला जुला अनुभव और मिला जुला सफ़र

© April 2018 Sapna Dhyani

[L] Look, there is magic in your life #AtoZChallenge

See that little bird sitting on the fence in your garden?
it just blew a cool and calm wave of magic into your little world ,
because birds only visit your garden if they find in it a safe friend.

See your child smiling at you adoringly, with her two front teeth missing?
she has infused little fistfuls of magic into your heart,soul and your whole being
because a child’s guileless heart knows whom to adore.

See your house help doing her best to make your life easy?
she has sung a sacred hymn of magic for you and your home
because trust and devotion from a person weathered by life; is precious.

See the rays of the sun filtering in through the windows?
they have sprinkled a glowing shower of warm magic in your home,
because warmth that is natural, finds it’s way into your veins, and turns into a life force.

Look around and you will find magic everywhere
it is present in every little nook and cranny of the jungle that is your life
you just need to see through the eyes of your soul; and you will find it.

© April 2018 Sapna Dhyani

[K] Karwa Chauth 2017. The year I gave up on fasting #AtoZChallenge

I got married in 2004 , but started celebrating Karwachauth only two years later. I did attempt to observe the fast and indeed stayed hungry till the evening ( both the times ), but gave up on the idea after the evening. Both the times , I was away from home, in a strange setup, and couldn’t really follow it through. The third time, though, I could finally “complete” the fast as my husband insisted on us observing it! Serving in a field area, and perhaps feeling the pangs of separation, it was he who reminded me that Karwachauth was approaching. ( He, who had once forced me to eat when I attempted to fast on a Thursday) . I was expecting my first child and was at my parents’ place at that time. Fresh love, intensified by distance, made me declare valiantly to my mother “I will be fasting on Karwachauth this year!” Valiantly, because everyone in my family knew that hunger and I were not the best of friends. In fact, once, after being goaded by our family pandit for quite a few years, I gave in and started “fasting” on Thursdays; couldn’t last for more than a couple of months,though. Throughout the day, I would torture everyone around me , giving them “weakness” looks. After I had gorged on Besan laddoos, milk, sweetened paranthas at night, I would go through the food sections of various magazines and show my mother the delicacies that I wanted to eat the next day. Just dreaming about them made me survive the nights. So you get the drift? That I am not a “fasty” kind of a person.

Coming back to my first Karwachauth, the day saw me devouring milk and fruits through the hours. The circumstances helped, as I was an expectant mother and couldn’t possibly remain hungry. But my husband, he didn’t even have a drop of water the whole day! Surely, that’s the kind of love that inspires poetry ( He will kill me for writing this here). And now, after thirteen years of marriage; he comes back home from his office, eats his lunch, burps, and says “Hey, have you eaten? I didn’t see you eat.” Then, he looks at me innocently when I give him looks that could kill.

I am a garhwali, and garhwalis don’t celebrate Karwachauth. But my mother did, despite the fact that Dad hated her fasts as he believed that fasting had messed up with her health. Though even she would eat fruits and drink milk through the day. She would remind me every year to buy a Karwa, dress properly and perform the pooja in a proper manner. But for me, it was more a celebration than a ritual. I would dread her phone calls the entire day, because she would enquire whether I had read the katha and bought all the necessary items for the pooja. A confession here- I never read the katha , because once as a kid, when I had read it out to my mother, I had found it totally unbelievable.

So, my husband and I continued with our celebrations for a few more years as we were living together in a peace station. We either went to a restaurant or ordered in. Really, when I look back now, it seems to me that we were enjoying the special fasting food more than anything else. Then he went away on a field posting and my fasting became even more customized. I would quickly light a diya and pray, in t-shirt and pajamas; and would call out to my house help in a “weak” voice, to quickly provide some food and save me ( on the verge of dying of hunger). The hubby, bless him, would somehow manage to give a call from far flung mountains and together, we would “look” at the moon and eat. He was definitely better at fasting than me, no doubt about that.

Now, the Karwachauth of 2017 :-

Me: Karwachauth is approaching.
Hubby : But you have to take medicines. You are definitely not staying hungry.

Me : But it’s “our” celebration !
Hubby : We will definitely celebrate. We will eat poori, aloo and kheer at night.

Me : But how can we just stop fasting?
Hubby : “Fasting”, did you say? When did we do that? All I remember is the “Eating”.

Me : To tell you the truth, I was never convinced about the regressive idea behind the festival.
Hubby : But you have to touch my feet in reverence, you never did do that. That will make me believe that you look up to me.

Me : Only when you touch my feet too. I too, like being looked up to!
Husband : So, it’s decided then. We are not fasting. Bring on the Pooris!

And so, a chapter in our lives closed this year. We are officially “off” Karwachauth . But we still celebrated. We ate. We smiled and laughed. We pulled each other’s leg and teased each other. I know that he will fight the devil to bring me back from hell, if need be. And I will do the same for him. Hey! isn’t that the essence of the festival? Maybe we did observe the “fast” after all!

© April 2018 Sapna Dhyani