Golden melodies and some of the best moments in life

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The three musketeers i.e. the hubby and my two kiddos are asleep in the next room; and I am smiling like a goofball while singing away happily. Right now I am absolutely bursting with joy. I am smiling while writing this too ! Why? Because I am listening to some old songs which I haven’t heard in a long while. Songs which were a part of my daily life ; my life some years ago. Thank you Internet for all these music portals. These songs that were all recorded in the numerous audio cassettes that I had in my school and college years. I would painstakingly make lists of songs that I loved and would then go to the two main “music centres ” in Dehradun. These were shops where you could go and get songs recorded into cassettes. One was “Venus Music Centre”, located behind the Universal Petrol Pump at Rajpur Road; and the other one was simply called “Meltrack “, a first floor shop at Ghantaghar. I would spend hours in these two places, searching for my songs and brainstorming with the owners. “Meltrack” was run by a stocky-framed, slightly balding fellow whose knowledge about music was enviable. “Venus”was run by a fair, cute looking young guy, who didn’t talk much. A few of my friends went there only to ogle at him 😉 . But me, I went there only for the love of music, and with no ulterior motive whatsoever 🙂. Oh! the absolute joy I used to feel when a cassette full of lovely songs would be handed over to me by these two guys!

Tonight I have heard so many of my favourite numbers. Don’t we all associate different memories with different songs? Let me share some of mine here, as I sing and smile along, and go all mushy-mushy. I am listening to :

Love changes everything – I was sixteen when I first heard this song and felt that Climie Fisher was singing it for me!

I wanna wake up with you – It’s evening time , I am 16, in the 12th standard and eating chocolates from a Quality Street chocolate box. Wait, I even remember the flavour- I was eating the one with a white mushy filling inside.

My pretty one – I am fifteen, gawky and have a “secret” one-sided crush on a guy. This song ALWAYS makes me smile like a baby. It just makes me happy, joyful and it makes me fall in love with life.

Take on me – AHA ! I am filled with energy and dancing the evening away, transported to a different , racy world.

Step by step – My daily anthem for quite a few months. I would be singing it day in and day out; even my mom would sing “Ooh Ba..i..b..e..h” along with me.

The way you make me feel – My one claim to fame in class 12th. We choreographed and danced to this number by THE MJ , THE Michael Jackson; and participated in an inter-school competition. I still have the LBD_ The actually “little” black dress that I wore, lying somewhere in some suitcase in my Doon home ( because I want to show_off and brag to my grandkids someday ). As I listen to this song right now, I can visualise all the steps and all the fun we had while practising.

Big gun – This rock/grunge song by AC/DC had a particular dance step in it’s video; where the singer keeps moving forward, kicking his leg while playing the guitar. Well, in all parties held subsequently, my friend and I danced out this step and felt like Rock-Gods!

My eyes are drooping now, am really sleepy. But I am still smiling as I write this. More of this music -session tomorrow evening. I can’t wait to hear more of my much loved songs . Music and words that made me happy and joyful years back . Music and words that have made me happy and joyful today. My dear songs, I will meet you tomorrow for another rendezvous. Goodnight.

© Sept 2017 Sapna Dhyani Devrani

Acting your age – huh? what’s that?


I have never really understood this age business. What is really meant by “acting your age”? Being restrained in your behaviour? or looking serious and sombre, to be taken seriously? Well I have seen these qualities in some 20 year olds and let me tell you, there is one word to describe them- morose. Yes, many people do develop a certain persona with the passage of time and exude an air of sophistication; but I always wonder, isn’t he/she feeling stifled inside? By controlling every word, expression, smile, laugh, body movements etc, isn’t the person heading for an empty life eventually? Hey , If that sounded too “pseudo”, lemme put it simply. I always wonder to myself – this person has every word, action, reaction measured; as if he/she is always on a stage, performing- when is the explosion/blast gonna take place? And if the blast doesn’t happen, then surely they will end up becoming insufferable and disgruntled- a real pain to be around?

Acting your age- Does it mean dressing a certain way and foregoing the teenage-ish type of clothes? But really, it’s more about how one carries an outfit. I wear the dresses that used to fit me like a glove till about 2 years back; and now I have got them altered to fit my currently-a-“wee”-bit-heavier ( 😉 😉 ) frame. And I don’t feel self-conscious wearing them. Should I? I know I am not svelte nowadays, but the point is, I absolutely love wearing them. According to me, that should sum it up- do what you want to and say what you think. That’s like “acting yourself”; and when you are acting yourself, you are acting your age!

I have also never understood the concept of lying about one’s age. Hey, if I say that I am 38 instead of 39; would that make me a tad bit more attractive, or would it increase the desirability quotient? How’s that gonna increase my worth? To all the girls out there, any age that you are in, is quite fine. Many people are wistful about their 20’s and hate the fact that they are fast approaching mid-life. I too look back fondly at the bygone days ; but hey, I am quite ok in my present life too. The clarity that I have now, about certain beliefs of mine; was simply not there earlier. And I am more than happy with the present unselfconscious “me”, a state that was reached after years of gaining experience and understanding

In the arena of life, you win some and you lose some; but you always gain something. And what have I gained? Well I have gained a state of mind where I don’t understand the term “acting your age”. Do you?

© Sept 2016 Sapna Dhyani Devrani