[O] Oh gentle rain! I request thee to bless my children #AtoZChallenge

Oh rain, how gently you drop from the sky,
like a loving gift from the clouds,
to their friend, the earth.

Oh rain, how soothed the weary and tired earth must be,
whose soul has been blessed by you,
made to feel moist , made to feel the stirrings of life.

Oh rain, bless the soul of my children too,
that it should remain innocent and full of hope,
that it’s light should guide them when surrounded by the dark.

Oh rain, bless their soul to be childlike always,
like it is today, guileless and pure,
like it is today, brimming with joy and wonder.

Oh rain, look how they are welcoming you,
dancing and singing with happiness ,
as they would welcome a dear friend.

Oh rain, I request you to bless these friends of yours,
that they find the path that is meant for them,
and that they have the strength to continue to walk on it.

Oh gentle rain , I request thee to bless my children.

© April 2018Sapna Dhyani