A review of my book…by Rama Vani

I got introduced to Rama Vani by Tej, a common friend of ours. A positive, humble and proactive person- she has been a joy to collaborate with. Please go ahead and read the review done by her. If you are interested in reading my book, the link to the place you can buy it from is given below :

A few excerpts from the review:

The book comprises real life incidents and memories narrated with a myriad of emotions. The author gives a glimpse of the life of the families in the fauji(army). The scenes from the parties at the officer’s mess,the saga of shifting to cantonment houses one after the other and the pain in missing old friends, neighbors, the army officer’s home coming – more like an extract from the author’s personal diary – beautifully written.I was able to relate a few incidents she’s narrated about the kids and their morning school going odyssey.

The author has used a language that’s crisp and clear,with a  tinge of humor.The usage of  a few colloquial terms gives a sense of realism.Her style of narration is simple,straightforward and follows a non-linear style and that doesn’t impact the reading experience. Sapna’s memories are put in to tiny little  chapters and the book comprises a total of 27 such chapters. This makes an interesting read and you can very well finish it in one-go.

For a maiden attempt at book writing, the author has delivered a short,but a beautiful piece. I’d recommend this book if you want a easy-breezy read and to let your lips curve to a smile. May we get more to see more from her writing desk.?

On Women’s Day ….Let’s be free from gender stereotypes

We are so much into celebrating “Days” now, that maybe the essence of the day itself is lost behind all the cosmetics applied to it.The whole day, we are bombarded with images and advertisements which show women as ” perfect “. A woman is praised for multi tasking and sacrificing her own well being ; just to fit into the frame built for her – that of an ” ideal woman “.

You watch television and one after the other, the advertisements sing praises for women who are perfect. They are working women, who prepare perfect meals for the family, look after all the family members, dress nicely, look beautiful, and mange to smile through the day. Hey, wait ! That’s not humanly possible. Why are you enforcing these roles upon us? We are as human and as flawed as the men around us. Why are you telling us to be perfect?

Why are you bombarding us with images of doting mothers who sacrifice their own desires for everyone else’s sake? Aren’t all mothers “persons” first, and not just self-sacrificing paragons of virtue?

Why are you showing advertisements which show perfect daughters-in-law, who feed everyone in the family, and seem to eat only after the rest of the family has eaten ?

Why do you show a husband getting re-enamoured with his wife; after the wife has gotten rid of her stretch marks, which were caused by pregnancy, with the help of a wonder cream?

Why are you tom tomming her roles as a mother, wife , daughter, sister, daughter in law? Can’t you see her as a “person” and an “individual”, independent of relationships?

Why are you enforcing stereotyped images of female beauty on everyone? Do you mean to say that only when we apply certain creams and become fair complexioned, will we be selected for good jobs and “catch” good husbands?

Please don’t inflict all these ideas of perfection on us. It would be great if you free yourselves of all prejudices, get rid of gender stereotypes and stop looking at things from a male perspective. Ask us, we will tell you what we want.

We are women. We don’t want to be super women. We are not chest beating feminists. We would be happy if you treat us as persons. As individuals . Thank you.

©  March 2017 Sapna Dhyani Devrani