A wonderful surprise yet again!

Like last year, this year again, I chanced upon this awesome piece of news. And to think that I visited the site a few minutes back just to see whether the badge for “Indian Top Blog 2017” could still be downloaded. A new blog, a new site happened a few months back for me and the badge somehow was left out. Didn’t put it up on the walls of this new home of mine, you see. So tonight, I rolled up my sleeves and decided to put it up somehow. Visited the site and saw that there was a brand new list for 2018. I went through it , saw my blog in the list and let out a Yeeeaaahhh!

Well, to tell you the truth, I almost didn’t chance upon it. I looked for “A pocketful of dreams” ( the original name of my blog ) out of habit , didn’t see it, and let out a little sigh. Then remembered that I’ve rechristened the blog ( tentative though). So, looked for “Chasing my dreams” and didn’t find even that in the list. Felt a tad bit disappointed and was about to close the window for the site when a few interesting blog names caught my eye. Started scrolling down the list and was already smiling – some of the bloggers have been very witty in christening their blogs – when I saw my name there, in the list. Whooaa! What a happy surprise! A wonderful late night power booster, energy punch, happiness potion , all mixed and poured into a bright cup of joy for me.

A great moment indeed!

© July 2018 Sapna Dhyani