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Refreshed and Renewed. New Edition.

Sunny and warm short stories that everyone can relate to.The Author is married to the defence forces. As she moves her home every two years; she packs her trunks, not just with household items, but with beautiful sunny, warm, funny memories.

The Indian #Metoo – We need to learn to say “#Ibelieve”


Today, I read #VintaNanda‘s facebook post that’s been doing the rounds on social media since the past few days. Sickened to the core, I read about what she went through two decades ago. I could recall reading an article many years ago about her ordeal, in some magazine. She hadn’t ventured out of her house for TWO YEARS after being raped and abused by her colleagues. She didn’t mention any name even then. And whose name?

The #AlokNath who went on to enjoy very successful innings in the television world as well as in the movie business. And the lady in question? Well, her career was effectively destroyed after that. Those of us possessing even a basic level of I.Q. will remember that her name suddenly disappeared from the screens of our television sets. That’s the way men put “difficult” women in their place; by labelling them and destroying their lives.

This has been an age old trend in our patriarchal world. Women who have dared to raise their voice against abuse, disrespect, misbehaviour are labelled as “difficult” and “arrogant” ? Because that’s the way the world gets back at them. That’s the reason we had women who were called ” WITCH ” and ” DAYAN ” many moons back.

“Why is she coming up with this after so many years? For publicity? “- This is what most people ( and not just men ) have to say about #TanushreeDutta‘s allegations against #NanaPatekar . It’s not rocket science to understand here that she is looking for “Exposure” and NOT “Publicity”. The pattern is familiar. A promising and upcoming actress suddenly left the movie business and went into hibernation; foresaking vanity, chopping off her hair, spending time in ashrams too. Even she had spoken out against him at that time and ended up being attacked by goons, harassed and victimized.

Speaking about something that happened in the past means that the person has finally gathered the courage and has been so traumatized by whatever happened, that she wants to get the poison out of her very being. She wants closure. Can you imagine what kind of effort it must have taken for her to take such a bold step and how much of her life is at stake here? If you don’t know what she is talking about, then at least don’t mock her effort by shouting “I don’t believe! ”




© Oct 2018 Sapna Dhyani

[N] Hey Woman, won’t it be Nice if you….#AtoZChallenge

Hey Woman…..won’t it be nice if you :

Do not strive to be a superwoman; Are you looking for praise when you do that?
Do not take over the entire responsibility of bringing up your children; Are you looking for leverage when you do that?
Do not make other women’s lives difficult; Are you trying to make yourself feel better?
Do not underplay your personality; Are you doing that to make others feel less threatened?

Hey Woman……won’t it be so much nicer if you :

Delegate the work that you have to do; it would be so much better for your well being.
Involve the father of your children in the day to day nitty gritties of child-rearing; instead of leverage you will be rewarded with love.
Help other women in whatever way you can; it would make the world a much better place to live in.
Let yourself be relaxed enough to behave naturally, letting your personality shine through; you will find the right kind of people enter your life.

And most importantly, won’t it be so much better if we treat others as persons & human beings first and than as women & men?

©April 2018 Sapna Dhyani

[D] Two deaths. A resolve steeled. #AtoZChallenge

My mother passed away in February 2015, after being struck by cancer for a third and final time. Buried in grief, I found myself questioning her soul, “Why didn’t you just live for yourself, after a certain point in your life?”. A couple of years before she moved on to another world, I sensed in her a listlessness, as if she wanted to unburden herself. She told me one day, “I want to sit with someone and just pour my heart out to him/her”. And though she would talk to me about everything, I understood that what she really needed was an anonymous listener. Someone who wasn’t related or known to her. It’s much easier opening up to strangers, isn’t it? Someone who will not judge and will just listen. I think most people experience this after a certain age_ a desire to narrate the story of their life to someone who listens and understands. She passed away, after a painful and prolonged battle with the dreaded disease, aged 63. When you lose someone who is so close to you, your whole perspective changes. You start to realize the meaninglessness of so many practices in your life. It dawns upon you that the nature of life is transient and your time too, is limited. I found myself making a resolve for life- To not waste my time on anything or anyone , not worthy enough.

Three days back; on the 18th of August, 2016, another soul passed away. She was the wife of the Commandant of the small cantonment that I live in. I met her for the first time only two months back and it was a short association. But we met many times after that first meeting at her home. We would meet at private gatherings, official parties, meets for social work and at the various parties that she threw at her beautiful home. The most lively person that I had met so far; she was all smiles and laughs with a zest for life. The term “Joie de vivre” has been coined for people like her. Warm, large hearted, with a larger laugh, she was a force to reckon with. And then suddenly, she was diagnosed with lukaemia. She left for treatment on the 1st of August and told her family that she would be back in no time. We all prayed for her on her 50th birthday on the 12th of August and everyone was certain that she would be back. Then on the 18th, the news of her demise arrived. Everyone was shell shocked and life for all of us came to a standstill for the next three days. All of us went to her home and waited for her family to arrive with “her”. When they arrived, our dearly loved “Ms. Kabindra” had a different identity. She had changed from “Babita” or “Ms. Kabindra”, to the “BODY”. Yes, this is how everyone refers to the departed. I looked around at the garden that she was so fond of, her much loved plants, flowers, her beautifully and lovingly done up home and her pet dogs. I looked at her distraught husband; who is known to be a man of few words and who perhaps delves into the social niceties because of her. I looked at her children; a son aged 22 years and a daughter aged 17 years. They were being brave for their father, exhibiting a maturity beyond their young years. There was a deathly silence in the whole house, as if nobody could come to terms with her sudden departure. When they took her away, the life went away from her home too.

She, who had a thousand more dreams for her children ; she who wanted a pahari bride for her son; she who talked incessantly of her daughter; she who knew how to fully live her life; she who brought life into whichever room that she walked in; she who was a no-holds-barred person; she who had so much of unfinished business to attend to; and she who had so much of life in her heart- had it snatched away. Who knows how many regrets she had , when she was on the ventilator. Who knows how many times she thought ” If only! “. And who knows that, when the Day of Reckoning arrives for us, how many “If only” moments we will have. The resolve that I had made after my mother moved on, has only been steeled some more. The resolve to not have too many moments of “If only” on my Day of Reckoning.

After all , who knows how much more time we have.

© April 2018 Sapna Dhyani