The ” WTF ” Factor

So has it struck you with it’s full force as yet- the ” WTF ” factor ? When it enters your life, or rather, your person- you wonder what the F*** was it that you were doing till now. It makes you unwilling to suffer fools gladly anymore. You realise that the nature of life is transient and don’t want to waste even a single moment of your precious life on undeserving people. It makes your near ones wonder why you are not “nice” anymore? You develop a very low tolerance level for drama of any kind. It makes you do some big time spring cleaning in your world. I see it as gardening- weeding out the unnecessary stuff that is stinting new growth , planting fresh flowers of hope, nurturing greenery- and Hey! Just look at that! A whole new world that has been gifted to you, by your own self.

It struck me after my mother’s demise last year. Then again, maybe it had been approaching me for sometime. I was grief- stricken and poured my heart out , in a post here on FB . Before that I had always wondered what made people write about personal stuff here. But there are no inhibitions now. It’s as if there is no monkey on my back anymore.

So, has the factor entered your life? What- No?
WHAT THE F*** !!!!! 😉 😉 😉

© Mar 2016 Sapna Dhyani Devrani

Hey Woman, won’t it be nice if you….

Hey Woman…..won’t it be nice if you :

Do not strive to be a superwoman; Are you looking for praise when you do that?
Do not take over the entire responsibility of bringing up your children; Are you looking for leverage when you do that?
Do not make other women’s lives difficult; Are you trying to make yourself feel better?
Do not underplay your personality; Are you doing that to make others feel less threatened?

Hey Woman……won’t it be so much nicer if you :

Delegate the work that you have to do; it would be so much better for your well being.
Involve the father of your children in the day to day nitty gritties of child-rearing; instead of leverage you will be rewarded with love.
Help other women in whatever way you can; it would make the world a much better place to live in.
Let yourself be relaxed enough to behave naturally, letting your personality shine through; you will find the right kind of people enter your life.

And most importantly, won’t it be so much better if we treat others as persons & human beings first and than as women & men?

© Mar 2016 Sapna Dhyani Devrani