Will you be the Yang to my Yin


Will you be the yang to my yin
the benevolent sky to my tender earth
the shining sun to my glimmering moon
the steady mountain to my meandering valley

Will you be the steady flow in my ebullient river
the gusty breeze that pushes my wind to soar higher
the gentle breeze to my violent storm
the warm fire when my soul is frozen

Will you be the child when I feel like an old soul
the gurgling wave when my waters go still
the realistic vision when I am under illusion
the soothing raindrop on my raging sea

Within my yin there is a little bit of your yang
within your yang there is a little bit of my yin
together we exist and together we love
and our progeny is the love child called ” Harmony ”

© Aug 2016 Sapna Dhyani Devrani

Author: Sapna Dhyani

I am Sapna Dhyani. I write about everything that crosses my mind. I write about life as I see it and like to infuse humour into my blogs. I belong to Dehradun but now live in a new city after every two years, being an army wife. This uprooting of base every couple of years, setting up a new home in a new place, meeting new people and forging new friendships, exploring new cities; all this ensures that I go through and am blessed with a myriad of experiences.

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