I Don’t want to go to the school

My fauji hubby is due to be posted out of Jaipur by the first week of May. Anya , our elder daughter hasn’t enrolled in the new class at her school as she will be joining another school in a new city soon. But Anika, her younger sister is continuing with her studies at the primary school that she attends since we felt that it would do her good to be regular with the books. We have feeling mighty proud of her as she has been adjudged the ” Best Student of the School “. The principal of her school and her teachers all describe her as being very good natured, cheerful and very gentle with her friends.

A daily morning scene at our home nowadays: By the time her school van arrives, we ( me, Ranjan and Anya) have been smiling continuously for a good one hour, so that Taidu/Anika stays cheerful and is in a good mood. One honk of the horn and the tears start rolling.
Taidu- “Now I have started crying so I will be crying till tiffin-time.”
Us- “But why are you crying?”.
Taidu- “Because you gave me a bath/ made me wear white
shoes/gave me a cheese poori for tiffin/ etc etc.
Us- ” No, that’s not the reason”.
Taidu- ” Anya will enjoy at home and I have to go to the school.”
Us- ” She doesn’t enjoy at all. She gets bored at home”.

We take her to the van, she doesn’t let go of us. I don’t want to see her in this state, hiding her face from her friends, shedding copious tears. So, we pull her down from the van and her Dad takes her to the school. The same tearful scene follows. After sometime, I ring up Ranjan at his office to ask if she had stopped crying when he came back. Till she comes back from the school, her crying/hiccupping face is all I can think of.

Whew! I know it doesn’t sound like a big deal to you, But to us, it’s a heart breaking routine that we go through daily nowadays. We know that she is crying because she has to go to the school and her sisiter doesn’t. My naughty, happy-go-lucky and good natured Taidu cries daily in the morning. So, my sweet Taidu- please will you smile and wave at me from your van window,like you always do? Will you laugh when I make a ” Bugs Bunny face” just to see your face light up. You know I do that always so that you go to school laughing and happy. Strawberries to you! ( it’s her favorite fruit).

©Apr 2016 Sapna Dhyani Devrani

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Author: Sapna Dhyani

I am Sapna Dhyani. I write about everything that crosses my mind. I write about life as I see it and like to infuse humour into my blogs. I belong to Dehradun but now live in a new city after every two years, being an army wife. This uprooting of base every couple of years, setting up a new home in a new place, meeting new people and forging new friendships, exploring new cities; all this ensures that I go through and am blessed with a myriad of experiences.

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